Grady Nautical Bracelet


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Adorn your wrist by wearing this Grady Nautical Bracelet! Like other pieces of jewelry, bracelets are easy tools that can wear as conversation starters or a piece of artwork they can enjoy looking at all day long.This handmade bracelet gives elegance to your wristand upgrade the looks of your boat.

This bracelet is the perfect signature piece to turn an outfit around. It makes you look good in whatever kind of outfit you wear. It’s made of the highest quality, nautical, sailing ropes, and a stainless steel hook.

It’s handmade in Dublin, Ireland, with Irish craftsmanship. Top-quality materials that withstand the test of time, can be worna long time andguaranteed to get heads turning!

The color combinationblue and whitemakes a stunning effect to an everyday look for both man and woman.It’s a stately bracelet and can be worn with anything.Purely handmade bracelet, look very retro and classic.

There is no need to worry because of the saltwater, sun’s heat, and weather conditions will not affect the high-quality marine ropes. Thismaritimebracelet is carefully hand-packed and classified as a perfect bracelet gift.Just click the“Add To Cart”Button! There’s very limited stock, and they will go soon!

Perfect for birthdays, holidays, and more!

Great touch feeling and comfortable to wear.

Easy to put on or take off, bring you comfort.

The perfect accessory to brighten up your look.

Perfect for everyday wear and for special occasions.

Makes an elegant addition to your accessory collection.

We also provide a variety of sizes for the bracelet, and it is usually adding one inch to your wrist. It is my pleasure to add a gift note if requested.

Free Worldwide Shipping!

Items ship within 24 hours.

Don’t hesitate to send a message or contact us if you have inquiries about personalized, custom bracelets and wholesale order request.

May you enjoy, travel everywhere and fall in love with Bran Marion Nautical Jewelry Collection! :smiley:

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5.9 inch – 15 cm, 6.3 inch – 16 cm, 6.7 inch – 17 cm, 7.1 inch – 18 cm, 7.5 inch – 19 cm, 7.9 inch – 20 cm, 8.3 inch – 21 cm, 9.1 inch 23 cm, 9.4 inch 24 cm


Blue/White, Blue/White, Blue/White, Blue/White, Blue/White, Blue/White, Blue/White, Blue/White, Blue/White


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