Silver Round Stud Earrings




Silver Round Stud Earrings Beautiful and Classic design with a modern edge. Perfect for any Occasion.

Material: Sterling Silver

Measurements:6 mm x 6 mm

Colors:Amethyst, Bronze Shade, Bronze Shade,Caribbean Blue Opal,Cyclamen Opal, Crystal,Dorado, Fuchsia, Light Grey Opal,Light Turquoise,Metallic Blue,Metallic Light Gold,Swarovski Color,Montana,Padparadscha,Pacific Opal,Palace Green Opal, Powder Blue,Powder Green,Powder Rose,Provence ,Lavender,Sand Opal,Turquoise,White Opal

Features:Silver Round Stud Earrings comes with an elegantly designed and sturdy gift box that is ideal for storing and presenting jewellery.

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Amethyst, Bronze Shade, Caribbean Blue Opal, Cyclamen Opal, Crystal, Dorado, Fuchsia, Light Grey Opal, Metallic Blue, Metallic Light Gold, Padparadscha, Pacific Opal, Palace Green Opal, Powder Green, Powder Rose, Provence Lavender, Sand Opal, Turquoise, Montana, White Opal, Air Blue Opal, Light Rose


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