Zip Vault RFID Blocker Card Holder And Wallet




Zip Vault is your personal RFID blocker for all your credit cards.

Once you have your credit cards in the Zip Vault wallet they are protected from any RFID scanner that may potentially be out there to steal your identity and card info. There is also a top pocket to show your ID like Driver’s License without exposing your credit card to an Id thief!An invaluable wallet that is a must-have for everyone with any kind of credit or debit card. Every card is vulnerableto ID thief if exposed however, this card holder comes with a hidden RFID chip which creates a firewall that denies the scanner any info from any of your cards stored in the wallet.

It also has space for cash and other important cards like your insurance card or your Gym membership card etc.and a sturdy zipper that will withstand thousands of zipping and unzip actions. Get your Zip Vault today and feel secure!


  • Made from Pebble Grain design Vegan Leather.
  • RFID lining.
  • Holds 11 SINGLE or 22 DOUBLE cards and cash.
  • One transparentwindow for ID.
  • Dust and fingerprint deterrent.
  • It comes in multiple colors to match your existing handbags, buy more than one to match all of them. Each is sold separately.

Additional information

Weight 0.08 kg

Red, Black, Blue, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Pink, Purple, Green, Orange, Yellow, Grey


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